Sketch of the Lehrter Campus from diagonally in front - The new office building at Berlin Central Station

Lehrter Campus

Start into the future
with a new office

You want to rent an office in Berlin? Discover the Lehrter Campus and find out how much architecture can achieve. With an office that thinks about your employees, their health, high productivity and sustainability. All this in a prime location next to Berlin Central Station.

View of the Lehrter Campus from Berlin Central Station

Facts and Figures

DGNB Gold Certification for the Lehrter Campus

DGNB Gold certification is planned.

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The office building is located right next to Berlin’s primary traffic hub, its main railway station.

In addition to its vicinity to the most important commuter hub, this office building Lehrter Campus also has ideal connections to Berlin’s economic, cultural and political life. The Europacity, the Charité, the Bundestag and the Bundeskanzleramt, various ministries, the Hamburger Bahnhof Museum of Contemporary Art and the House of World Cultures are all within a short radius of the office building and central station. 

Central and easily accessible by bike - the Lehrter Campus at the main station
Impressions around the Lehrter Campus in Berlin Mitte

Culture Club &
power hub

The Lehrter Campus is part of the ambitious Berlin urban development project Europacity.

This area that was the dividing line between the old east and west Berlin has been transformed from a wasteland into today’s thriving Europacity. Here work and urban life are being rethought in a smart and sustainable way.

If you want to rent a workspace in the heart of Berlin, the Lehrter Campus is the ideal place for you. In this neighbourhood, Berlin’s present meets its future.

Enjoy the best connections

Location map of the Lehrter Campus office building in Berlin Mitte near the main railway station
Government, Federal Government, Ministries
Federal associations, political parties


01 Central Station
03 Daily Warteg
04 1687
05 Einstein under the Linden
06 Wayne’s Coffee
07 Takumi NINE Sapporo
08 Dada Falafel
09 Sakura Bakery & Patisserie
10 Mensa Nord
11 Dussmann
13 Zinnober
14 BOSS Store
15 Zollpackhof
16 Restaurant PARIS-MOSKAU
17 L‘Osteria
19 Cookies Cream
20 Crackers
21 Pantry
22 Rutz Weinbar
23 Vabali Spa
24 CrossFit Mitte
25 Hamburger Train Station
26 Phakawan Thaimassage
27 Capital Beach
29 House of World Culture
After Work
After Work
30 Windhorst
31 Hotel Amano

A new office location with
an inspiring neighbourhood

Whether you are looking for exchanges with like-minded people, or completely different perspectives, everything is within easy reach of the Lehrter Campus.

Right beside the Lehrter Campus is the EDGE Grand Central sustainable office building, whose main tenant is ImmoScout24. Communal spaces include outdoor areas and restaurants, offering the opportunity to spend inspiring time together among the people who work here. And you don’t need to go far to find a change of scenery. The contemporary art of the Hamburger Bahnhof and the green oasis of Spreebogenpark are close by. In Berlin Central Station next to the office building there are a variety of shops and restaurants. Bus, train and tram lines ensure fast access to the entire city.

The entrance area of the Lehrter Campus office building

Architecture and office building

Aesthetics, modernity, health, sustainability and plenty of space – the Lehrter Campus meets all these demands to a high standard.

According to your wishes within the framework of a single or multi-party rental.

Sketch of the Lehrter Campus from the side
The Lehrter Campus as part of the cityscape in Berlin Mitte

An office space where
everyone can strive

With 9 storeys and approximately 10,365 sqm of lettable workspace, the Lehrter Campus offers the ideal conditions for a productive modern working environment.

The visual language of the Lehrter Campus is both classic and modern; restrained yet elegant. The clearly-structured building comprises 2 base floors, 6 standard floors and a recessed 8th floor. Spacious window fronts offer bright, inviting workplaces in the whole building, and open up wide views over Berlin. To enable you to utilise the full potential of your workforce, the entire building is barrier-free and has accessible WC facilities on all floors.

Smart building components enable digital control and monitoring, such as access control. Open space or small rental units: All office spaces have WCs and separate kitchen units. Server rooms and sufficient parking spaces are, of course, also provided. Two showers for staff are planned in the basement. Lovingly-designed communal areas ensure restful breaks.

Modern office space
build for the future

If you want to do excellent work, you need to think of every detail. This is exactly what we did when we designed the office building Lehrter Campus.

An office building should promote focused work, offer pleasant conditions in all seasons, and be aesthetically pleasing. It is also our goal for the Lehrter Campus to support your employees’ good health and to meet strict sustainability criteria. Many details have to come together to realise all these demands.

The Lehrter Campus Foyer

Office Building Highlights

  • Low parapet height; floor-to-ceiling windows on the 8th floor
  • Prestigious entrance area
  • Sprinkler system throughout the entire building
  • Open space, combi office and even cell structures possible
  • Grid spacing 2.70 m in general
  • Clearance height in office areas:
    Ground floor 4.05 m (under ceiling sails 3.85 m);
    1st floor 3.50 m (under ceiling sails 3.30 m);
    Standard floor 3.14 m (under ceiling sails 2.94 m)
  • Cavity floor with floor tanks
  • High-quality textile floor coverings
  • Basic lighting, cooling and heating via technical sails
  • External sun protection where necessary
  • Barrier-free access in the entire building
  • Showers optional
  • Up to 21 car parking spaces; 100 bicycle parking spaces planned, 50 of these lockable
  • DGNB Gold Certification is planned

A green office building
with a Gold Certificate

As a forward-looking office building….as well as process and location quality. The DGNB Gold Certificate gives you the assurance that you can rely on holistic sustainable planning and execution – and benefit from the positive effects every day.

  • Integration of sensible smart building components
  • Creation and handover of an operator manual
  • Ceiling sails for heating and cooling
  • Barrier-free access throughout
  • Artificial lighting exclusively by LEDs
  • Heat supply via district heating
  • Use of recycled or responsibly sourced resources
  • Easy interchangeability of the MRP or extension components
Impressions of modern working environments at the Lehrter Campus

Plans and floor plans for
the office project

The perfect workplace
for your business

The Lehrter Campus office in the evening right next to the main station


The Lehrter Campus is exactly the office you are looking for? Don’t hesitate and get in touch with us. We are happy to advise you on the possibilities and available options.


The letting is done directly by the owner.


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